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"Everything's connected..."
"you just have to find out how."
7x17 - "Do or Die" Reaction Post 
11th-Mar-2011 08:59 pm
Jack Sparrow
Ok, so the episode is over.  So...

What did you all think of it?  Love it, hate it?

Post those thoughts here.
12th-Mar-2011 05:09 am (UTC)
This episode was a borefest. Do the writers really think the majority of viewers give two shits about upper-crust, privileged wankwaffles and are just hanging out for a glimpse into their lifestyle? Everyone involved, including thew victim, was an asswipe, and while Olivia Prescott certainly didn't deserve to die, I wasn't terribly sorry she was dead. I felt a modicum of pity for Emma, who threw her life away in a moment of rage in defense of a friend who was too busy lusting after the unattainable to notice her faithful adoration. She deserves to go to jail for what she did, but I understand how wretched it feels to spend your life doing the right things the right way, only to get stepped on by the beautiful people, who often have no regard or simple human empathy for anyone but themselves.

Danny and Lindsay's scene in the library was hardly "pornographic", as Anna Belknap breathlessly claimed earlier in the week; in fact the pool-table fumblefest that kicked off the DL drama llama herd was more lurid. It looked incredibly awkward and uncomfortable, and Lindsay looked like she was doing her pained, constipated best to hold in a volcanic fart as Danny leaned over her like a pensioner whose back had gone out.

And fuck Lindsay and her smug sense of superiority. Danny isn't a dolt because he was educated in a public school. Danny is a dolt because the writers have a boner for writing him as a cocky, street-smart Bowery boy made good. Places like Ashford don't make you smart or driven or successful; they simply afford you more resources and opportunities to achieve that success. And breed entitled asshats.

A stupid episode that even managed to make Jo overweening in the final confrontation with Emma. F
12th-Mar-2011 07:19 am (UTC)
I haven't seen it yet, but judging from the synopsis I am inclined to agree that I have had just about enough with the 'crime in the inner circles of the rich' plot line. While I realize there is a certain glamor to such things, it's not like if a crime happened in any of our personal lives there wouldn't be an equal amount of random unique things to run through a fancy scientific device with blaring techno music. NYC is a big freakin' place and IMHO they need to start exploring more of it than just the rich, terror mongoring, etc.
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