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"Everything's connected..."
"you just have to find out how."
Hello! This is the other of your new co-mods 
12th-Mar-2011 01:47 am
Greetings All.

As jedimasterstar mentioned earlier, I am one of the new co-mods for this community. Sorry things have been so quiet lately. As much as I would like to say i'm working on classes, I'm not. I've managed to burn out on school (i think two degrees is enough) and am now looking for full-time employment. Oh yay. Anywho, this leaves me more time for introductory posts ;) In keeping with jedimasterstar's 'original' format, I've included the following ... stuff.

Username: tjackson
Age: 30. Sigh.
Location: Minnesota, which really needs it's own CSI series because frozen crime is bound to be more scientifically interesting.
Favorite CSI NY Character: Coroner Sid (so very very glad Stella left)
Favorite Ships: Not really into that stuff too much. Sorry, just not my cup of tea
Favorite Episode: probably a tie between Snow Day (s03e24), Yahrzeit (s05e22), and Death House (x06e10)

Other Favorites: CSI Las Vegas, CSI Miami (but only for the drinking games), Castle, Modern Family, Law & Order (SVU, CI), NCIS, ... the list goes on.

A Bit More About Me: I'm a post-grad student (part time) in Systematic Theology. I like reading, watching tv, and talking about all sorts of stuff. I'm really into photography. Right now my favorite drink is limoncello crema on the rocks after I got exposed to it on my much belated honeymoon to Italy.

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