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"Everything's connected..."
"you just have to find out how."
Reaction Post to 7.22 "Exit Strategy" 
13th-May-2011 09:01 pm
Jack Sparrow

Okay, so...

What did you all think?  And is Gary Sinise coming back next season?!?!?!?!  And is Carmine?

What are your thoughts?

I'm putting everyone on alert to keep their eyes open for any news!

14th-May-2011 04:09 am (UTC)
Gary, Hill, AJ all have said on twitter that CBS hasn't let anyone on the CSI:NY crew know yet if they're coming back as a whole next season.

CBS has upfronts this week so hopefully with all the news that's been leaking about what networks are cancelling what, we should hear something soon about the fate of the show.
15th-May-2011 08:50 pm (UTC)
That felt an awful lot like a series finale, though. I was going "oh, no. I don't like this" while I was watching it.
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