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"Everything's connected..."

"you just have to find out how."

fans of csi:ny
New York
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Welcome to csi_ny, a community for fans of CSI:NY to discuss the show and all things related to it. Episode reviews, discussion, meta and news are all more than welcome.

CSI:NY airs Fridays at 9PM ET/8pm CT on CBS.


Respect other members. We strongly encourage discussion, but stay polite.

Place all spoilers behind a cut (or link) and clearly label them as such. Use icons containing spoilers with caution. Anything directly related to a certain episode is considered a spoiler until a week after that episode airs.

This is a community for CSI:NY discussion and information. This is not the place to post fanfiction, icons or other fanart. You may post fanfic at csi_ny_fic, geekfiction or any shipper community; icons and graphics can be posted at ____nyicons or csi_ny_graphics.

Off-topic and/or inappropriate posts will be deleted. This includes advertisements for communities not related to the show.

If you are advertising a CSI: NY (and only CSI: NY) community, feel free to post your advertisement immediately. If your community is a general CSIverse community, go to the mod post and ask permission to post it. After that, please leave a comment here so it can be added to the community listing post.

If you have a question or suggestion, leave a comment on the mod post; please don't bother the mods on their personal journals. We will get back to you as soon as we can.


On LJ:
Community Advertising Post

Off LJ:
CSI:NY @ CBS.com [official site]
CSI Files [news; forum; episode guide]
iconografik graphic gallery [screencaps]
CSI-Caps.com [screencaps]
Modern Day Gallery [promo pics]


Official reviewer: stellaluna_
Official caps poster: wrthy2bluvd
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